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Spears and Castles

Hey All,

I just ordering my 2inch spear kit from Ice Falcon this week, I am going to give it a try at double wars.

On Double Wars, I am pumped! Here I come baby, I am externally interested to see what the difference is here between wars on this side than at the main land.   So far, everything is basically the same but with some great twists that I cant seem to get enough of.   One of the biggest things I love is the strong thread of historic kits, its amazing to see people really trying to make sure things look good, and cover up with out there being rules about it!  Its amazing if the culture is to do it, and the knights / dukes do it everyone follows.  Hmmm, something to think about.

Also, This weekend I am headed to Germany for a regional fighter practice.  A gain I cant wait! Also, we are going to try to hit Lubeck, a walled city.

This past weekend after practice my buddies here in Gotvik took me to a local fortress, so very cool.  It was about 20 mins out side the city and it was an amazing place, I cant wait till we have a event there!





Culture of Arms

From the eulogy of Sir William (the) Marshal:

    What is it, then, to bear arms?
    Does one employ them as one might
    a harrow, a winnowing-fan, an axe?
    No, it is a far more arduous labor.
    What then is chivalry?
    So strong a thing, and of such hardihood,
    and so costly in the learning,
    that a wicked man or low dare not undertake it…
    Whoso would enjoy high honour
    first must suitably display
    that he has been well schooled to such arts.

Thanks to Donal Mac Ruiseart



    Some Video

    I don’t normally post videos of me fighting but it was my last night at my local practice and I wanted to share them. Also, in the next few days I will post about my time here in sweden so far and what I am doing with my training and looking in to some chivalric theory.



    Great Sword

    Been fighting great sword more, I need alot of work!  As of right now I feel better fighting sword and shield guys more than other great weapons, I think that is because when I have the range on the person I am fighting I have more confidence.  But I am not sure over all.

    I am going to force myself to fight it at least 1/3 of every fight practice in philly, and keep that up still I can at least win a few more fights.

    Also, I am going to hunt down some chiv to give me a few lessons on how to use the great sword better and more efficiently.



    The Scales

    A sword has two edges; just as a SCA fighter has two sides. To me, it is the same as yin and yang or black and white; every day you try to balance you life and your goals. On one side you have your home life and career goals. For me as of right now, I don’t have a family but I do have my career goals, a home, and other things to care for. I am an engineer, with a good job that I love. With this job I get to travel around the world, work with a lot of very intelligent / wonderful people and get to go on adventures of my own very often. I have been to so many great places, and been able so far to visit 3 continents, swim in 2 oceans and 3 seas, visit 14 countries, not to mention how many US states I have been to.

    On the other edge of my sword, I am a swordsman to the core. I train every day, whether on the road or at home. I hit my pell, do my slow work, and train every chance I get. I love sword fighting; it feel right in my soul. I get more enjoyment out of 10 mins of youth practice than I do out of coaching any other sport (which I have done at the college level). Sometimes I think this feeling is what it is like for a duck the first time it steps into water. Additionally, I have made life-long friends and people I call family; some I don’t think I would have met any other way and I thank God for allowing me to meet these people.

    But in this I find it difficult to keep both edges sharp. Life is about balance and demands that need to be met. When one has a job that is extremely demanding on your time and your mental resources, it isn’t easy to keep your physical prowess at the same level. To give an example (one I am fighting with right now) – if I travel for 2 weeks, let’s say Thursday to Thursday over 14 days, visit 3 states and take 4 plane rides, by the time I get home my mental energy is spent and my physical energy is drained (jet lag) but I want to fight! Hell I want to fight so bad my bones hurt! So I go to an event that Saturday, and I get my butt kicked like no one can imagine.

    Now in the eyes of the world I have lost my prowess. No matter how much outside work I put in, it is lost. I don’t want it to sound like I am whining because to be honest sometimes I come out and finish like a champ at a tournament. Heck, that was the situation at Mudthaw this year, I finished high in the ranks after traveling for about 3 weeks with no rest, and I was in Mexico City all week working long hours (2 shifts, don’t ask). But for those 3 weeks I didn’t get to fight, no sca in Mexico, no pell, slow work with whatever I can find. It isn’t that I was lazy, or didn’t want to do it, it was simply physically impossible. If there is no air, how can one take a breath?

    The reason for this post is to air a constructive view on the SCA and its world. It’s hard to be both a great fighter and hit every event and still have a demanding and engaging career. I know it can be done, people have done it. I don’t know if it is the norm or if it is the exception. If you want to be a great fighter and swordsman do you have to give up everything else, or is there a skill set of balancing life I am missing and I will find that skill some day? As I reflect inward I find these questions hunting my thoughts. Am I giving all I can? Am I doing what I should be to be a great swordsman? What can I do better to add more value to the SCA? Should I pick only one, be a quick and up and comer Swordsman or Businessman or are they the same thing?

    I believe that self reflection is the only way to solve life’s problems, and that asking oneself the hard questions is the only way to find one’s true self. If you go easy on yourself what does that say about the person you are and will become?

    Q and A with Mr. T

    Sir Tanaka dose this question thing on his page and my question got answered this month.


     there is the link and enjoy!!!!