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I asked Mistress Marcela (http://www.cottesimple.com/ ) to make me a Surcotte, and I have to say it rocks hard!  I think it gave an extra dimension to the kit I am wearing now and I feel like I am coming closer to a finished kit.  I hope to get a few pics when I am in motion

and show how great it moves.  It is a nice high weight material (but not so high it is hot) and moves great!  It just feel like it should be warn with this kit.  When I hope to get the pics should be at Double Wars here is Sweden and I will have the whole rig out, Maille and Sugar Loaf.

Gotvik Practice is going well, I started a hour earlier this week so I had time with the new people to start them working on a few things and to give myself some time to fight as well.  I feel this is going to be a good format for the future as long as people keep showing up.


Finally, I got new bracers but I will show them in a later post so stay tuned.






General Thoughts and Some Links

Its been a crazy few weeks for me! I have been packing and getting ready for my move to sweden and getting all my paper work together has been wild.  I have been counting forks and plates 🙂

So here is something I been meaning to post for a bit now! On the La Cotte Simple site (http://www.cottesimple.com/ )  there is a great pattern for a Marshal Surcotte! They look great and will cover up any of the plastic or ugly armour you have!


Also, if you are looking for links on effigies or Manuscripts this site is wonderful ( http://manuscriptminiatures.com/ ), this ties nicely in to the “La Cotte Simple”  because if you are looking at doing a 14th century kit you will see in the manuscripts how many marshal kits have surcotte.

Final thought of today, is foot work.  I think that I need to redo my footwork; there is alot I am missing in my foot work that can be fixed.