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Some Video

I don’t normally post videos of me fighting but it was my last night at my local practice and I wanted to share them. Also, in the next few days I will post about my time here in sweden so far and what I am doing with my training and looking in to some chivalric theory.




The Seven

Think of this:


Lust – Chastity
Gluttony – Temperance
Greed – Charity
Sloth – Diligence
Wrath – Patience
Envy – Kindness
Pride – Humility




Great Sword

Been fighting great sword more, I need alot of work!  As of right now I feel better fighting sword and shield guys more than other great weapons, I think that is because when I have the range on the person I am fighting I have more confidence.  But I am not sure over all.

I am going to force myself to fight it at least 1/3 of every fight practice in philly, and keep that up still I can at least win a few more fights.

Also, I am going to hunt down some chiv to give me a few lessons on how to use the great sword better and more efficiently.



New Shield Paint Job

Just a quick update on my shield paint job, thats all 🙂 This is for SCA combat and is canvas covered Al.



King Edward III Quarter Nobles

I picked up 10 King Edward III  Quart Nobles the other day from Jehan de Pelham

They are very nice have a good weight and seem to be very close to the correct look for a early 14th century coin.

But I think the question is why did I pick them up?  Well the truth is I am hoping to do ready for the combat of the thirty (COTT) at Pennsic.  From what I understand it is good to have a ransom or it might be minatory 🙂 still not sure but I figured a few cool coins and a nice chest with cheap wine makes everyone happy.    I am not sure of the period worth, but from what I can tell they would be worth about a 1/4 pound each and a pound would be a good salary for a man of my “station” in this time period.

So that is my thought process, and reasoning behind the coins.



More period kit part 2

As for my body protection I have gone with a hidden plastic reinforced surcoat. Tasha helped me make it, well she made it I just added the plates. Cet helped with putting the plates and and showing how to do the work, and he showed me how to do some of the belt work as well.  It is constructed of 4 layers of linen and 4 layers of canvas in the plated area.  The canvas was to reinforce the rivets and hopefully making the whole garment hold up better.

The reference picture that was used to construct the surcoat was this one to the right.   As you can see from this image that plates are riveted into the surcoat clearly and the length of the surcoat is long.  Also, you can note that the aketon is red and the reference wearing chain maile under the garment.   The image is from Wienhausen Monastery, German, c1270. David Edge calls it a “reinforced surcoat”.

For the construction of the plates I cut a 3 x 5inch plates out of barrel plastic.  I went with plastic for two reasons:1) It was free 2) I know and can work with it easily.  In the middle of some of the plates I cut holes to all air and sweat to pass though.  I am hoping it helps with cooling.   Each plate has four mounting holes in each corner and about 1/4 inch apart.

The belts on the back of the garment were sew on to the body of the garment using waxed linen thread.  The buckles are from Rayon’s Quite Press and they are set with a brass plate.  This could help is keeping the buckles and belts from being damaged quickly.

The following images are of my finished product with me in my layerd more peroid armour.  The first layer is a linen tunic, than a short sleeve aketon, maile and than the reinforced surcoat.

The dark blue / black was chose because of my household colors.  This is a bit of a side note but it is a less than historical color for this garment.

Rivets in the City

Hey guys,

 I got good new for the guys like me having a problem finding rivets in the city of Philadelphia. 

Were: TAWS 1527 Walnut st, Philadelphia PA

What: screw back Rivets, they are on the left hand side of the store on a floating rack.