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A few thoughts on Sweden (SCA)

Update about fighting in Sweden, it is going well. Only one practice so far and that is a bum out. I guess I just need to get use to the winters here being the super slow time, and the holidays all fell on Saturday or Friday this year so that hurt a bit in the terms of helm time.


In general, my foot work needs work I am messing it up again. I am still working on that small step to ribs or back of helm but I just cant seem to get it right. But soon I will have it all worked out. Sword hand is slow as shit, don’t know why but it is. I think that without doing my slow work every night for the past 2 months my hand is getting slower. {Side note: I found that the slower I train my hand the fast it is when I throw a shot.} I have been fighting in my conical and maille drape, good times. I need to fight more in my close face helm if I am going to use it in melee but that is for the spring anyway.


The space in Gotvik is rocken! They have a “locker room”, storage area, work space, and a craft room with kitchen! Also for the time being they have an outside space, which if there is light out is a great place for a 5 to 8 person practice. The people are wonderful, and amazingly giving. I don’t know how else to explain them! It is true that the SCA a group full of warm and giving people and I am happy to be part of something like that.

You have been updated!




This weekend I was Knighted as a eastern knight (Well I am a Master of Arms) and I have to say it was amazing day.   It was one of those days when that just rush by and the next day you find your self asking did that really happen.

I have this feeling of wanting to do more now in the SCA, I want to push something. I dont know what yet or how but I want to do it.  I am going to keep work on a mount of things I have been doing in the SCA but I am going to try and take a few things to the next level and to Europe when I am there.

It was great to be surrounded by my friends and family, it was amazing to see how far people were willing to travel just for me.   It was very humbling to have that happen, and it again is string me to make more of the SCA than just a place to do “something”.  I want to make it so my friends enjoy them selves more and get to do what they like more.  That I can help each and everyone of them have as much fun as they can.

The people that spook for me were great, and amazing friends of mine.  I have re-read there words a few times now and it is amazing to me.  I just want to be able to live up to the words they said and the person they think I am or I hope I might be.