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I asked Mistress Marcela (http://www.cottesimple.com/ ) to make me a Surcotte, and I have to say it rocks hard!  I think it gave an extra dimension to the kit I am wearing now and I feel like I am coming closer to a finished kit.  I hope to get a few pics when I am in motion

and show how great it moves.  It is a nice high weight material (but not so high it is hot) and moves great!  It just feel like it should be warn with this kit.  When I hope to get the pics should be at Double Wars here is Sweden and I will have the whole rig out, Maille and Sugar Loaf.

Gotvik Practice is going well, I started a hour earlier this week so I had time with the new people to start them working on a few things and to give myself some time to fight as well.  I feel this is going to be a good format for the future as long as people keep showing up.


Finally, I got new bracers but I will show them in a later post so stay tuned.






A few thoughts on Sweden (SCA)

Update about fighting in Sweden, it is going well. Only one practice so far and that is a bum out. I guess I just need to get use to the winters here being the super slow time, and the holidays all fell on Saturday or Friday this year so that hurt a bit in the terms of helm time.


In general, my foot work needs work I am messing it up again. I am still working on that small step to ribs or back of helm but I just cant seem to get it right. But soon I will have it all worked out. Sword hand is slow as shit, don’t know why but it is. I think that without doing my slow work every night for the past 2 months my hand is getting slower. {Side note: I found that the slower I train my hand the fast it is when I throw a shot.} I have been fighting in my conical and maille drape, good times. I need to fight more in my close face helm if I am going to use it in melee but that is for the spring anyway.


The space in Gotvik is rocken! They have a “locker room”, storage area, work space, and a craft room with kitchen! Also for the time being they have an outside space, which if there is light out is a great place for a 5 to 8 person practice. The people are wonderful, and amazingly giving. I don’t know how else to explain them! It is true that the SCA a group full of warm and giving people and I am happy to be part of something like that.

You have been updated!


Immagration to Sweden

Hey All,

Well I dont have time this week to post on the SCA or sword fighting this week. This is to to a mountain of paperwork I have to do and a few hundred phone calls I have made this week working on my immigration paperwork to Sweden.  I do have to say this much that the people at the Swedish Embassy were wonderful to talk to and had all the answers to my questions.  The people at Human Entrance have no clue how to do there job in a timly fashion or in a maner that suits the amount of money they are being payed to do my immigration paperwork.




New Weapon Regulation for SCA Socity Level

Here are the changes, I grabbed them from the Armour Archive and the post was by Oswyn_de_Wulferton.

After reading the rules it sounds like they are trying to do away with Madus (Madu) all together at a society level.   I cant say it is a big deal to me but I know it is going to be a big deal with a bunch of the guys I fight with and are in my household.  We will see what the Earl Marshal does here in the east.

VI. Armor Requirements
B. Helms
1. Helms shall be constructed from steel which has a thickness of no less than .0625 inch (1/16 inch or 1.6mm), or of equivalent material. Alternative materials, such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, or like materials, are permissible as long as the material is structurally equivalent to 0.0625-inch thick steel. The mass of the helm is an important part of the protection. As such, no titanium, fiberglass, aluminum, or other ultra-light materials may be used UNLESS THEY MEET THE EQUIVALENT MASS, STRENGTH, AND WEIGHT OF STEEL WHICH HAS A THICKNESS OF NO LESS THAN .0625 inch (1/16 inch or 1.6mm). PROOF OF CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE, MATERIALS, AND EQUIVALENCY MUST BE PROVIDED TO THE KEM FOR AN APPROVAL FOR IN-KINGDOM USE. If a spun-metal top is to be used in the construction of the helm, it shall be a minimum of 0.0747 inch (14-gauge) steel. The process of spinning the top thins the metal, thereby requiring a heavier gauge.
VII. Weapon Standards
A. General
VII. Weapon Standards
B. Single Handed Weapons
3. If the weapon has a head, it shall not be constructed of solely rigid materials UNLESS THE ENTIRE HEAD AND HAFT ARE CONSTRUCTED FROM A SINGLE CONTIGUOUS PIECE OF RATTAN. The head shall be firmly and securely attached to the haft. The head shall allow at least a 1⁄2 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive give between the striking surface and the weapon haft.
4. No weapon may have A BUTT/POMMEL SPIKE OR a cutting and/or smashing surface at both ends.
VII. Weapon Standards
C. Two-Handed Weapons.
4. No weapon may have a cutting and/or smashing surface at both ends. ONLY POLEARMS AND GREATSWORDS MAY HAVE BUTT/POMMEL SPIKES.
7. Total weapon length shall not exceed 12 feet (3.658 m) AND RATTAN SPEARS SHALL NOT BE LESS THAN 5 FEET (1.524 m).

D. Fiberglass Spears
7. Total spear length shall not exceed 12 feet (3.658 m) AND SHALL NOT BE LESS THAN 5 FEET (1.524 m)

In addition this Glossary Entry in the Marshal Handbook was changed from
Single Handed Mass Weapons
Mass Weapons

XVIV. Glossary
B. Weapons
Mass weapons: maces, SOME axes DESIGNS, war hammers, or other weapons designed primarily to crush or punch holes (on account of the weight of the real weapons), rather than primarily to cut (on account of sharp edges on the real weapon). Maximum length for TWO-handed mass weapons is 6’ (1.8288 m ).

New Helm: Sugar Loaf pt. 2

So I have the pic of the finished helm, let me know what you think I have the reference and the new sugarloaf side by side below.  Best -H

The wheel

I have to say I have been having a great run as of late, I was just reading some of Sir Vitius’s work and have to say I think about the wheel far to much.


Maille Chausses (cheating the maille look) Intro

Last night I started my new project of maille chausses!  They look good from what I have roughed out.  I will have more later but here is a teaser image!   As you can see I have used a butted round link, I did this for the price point and to check in to a new armourer (Steel Mastery).  So far they look good and are staying up well, I am working on making them lace up the front and have a small area that folds over.

Why Steel Mastery, well as a prototype I didnt want to spend the money on riveted maille from Uncle Ice.  For something I was trying out I couldn’t justify the price.  Also, I have been asked by people if they work well and I needed to check them out so I could give them an answer.  They are ok, not great but they will do.

I will up date when I have at least on leg finished and show a quick step by step