Just a stick Jock

Spears and Castles

Hey All,

I just ordering my 2inch spear kit from Ice Falcon this week, I am going to give it a try at double wars.

On Double Wars, I am pumped! Here I come baby, I am externally interested to see what the difference is here between wars on this side than at the main land.   So far, everything is basically the same but with some great twists that I cant seem to get enough of.   One of the biggest things I love is the strong thread of historic kits, its amazing to see people really trying to make sure things look good, and cover up with out there being rules about it!  Its amazing if the culture is to do it, and the knights / dukes do it everyone follows.  Hmmm, something to think about.

Also, This weekend I am headed to Germany for a regional fighter practice.  A gain I cant wait! Also, we are going to try to hit Lubeck, a walled city.

This past weekend after practice my buddies here in Gotvik took me to a local fortress, so very cool.  It was about 20 mins out side the city and it was an amazing place, I cant wait till we have a event there!





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