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A few thoughts on Sweden (SCA)

Update about fighting in Sweden, it is going well. Only one practice so far and that is a bum out. I guess I just need to get use to the winters here being the super slow time, and the holidays all fell on Saturday or Friday this year so that hurt a bit in the terms of helm time.


In general, my foot work needs work I am messing it up again. I am still working on that small step to ribs or back of helm but I just cant seem to get it right. But soon I will have it all worked out. Sword hand is slow as shit, don’t know why but it is. I think that without doing my slow work every night for the past 2 months my hand is getting slower. {Side note: I found that the slower I train my hand the fast it is when I throw a shot.} I have been fighting in my conical and maille drape, good times. I need to fight more in my close face helm if I am going to use it in melee but that is for the spring anyway.


The space in Gotvik is rocken! They have a “locker room”, storage area, work space, and a craft room with kitchen! Also for the time being they have an outside space, which if there is light out is a great place for a 5 to 8 person practice. The people are wonderful, and amazingly giving. I don’t know how else to explain them! It is true that the SCA a group full of warm and giving people and I am happy to be part of something like that.

You have been updated!



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