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Spears and Castles

Hey All,

I just ordering my 2inch spear kit from Ice Falcon this week, I am going to give it a try at double wars.

On Double Wars, I am pumped! Here I come baby, I am externally interested to see what the difference is here between wars on this side than at the main land.   So far, everything is basically the same but with some great twists that I cant seem to get enough of.   One of the biggest things I love is the strong thread of historic kits, its amazing to see people really trying to make sure things look good, and cover up with out there being rules about it!  Its amazing if the culture is to do it, and the knights / dukes do it everyone follows.  Hmmm, something to think about.

Also, This weekend I am headed to Germany for a regional fighter practice.  A gain I cant wait! Also, we are going to try to hit Lubeck, a walled city.

This past weekend after practice my buddies here in Gotvik took me to a local fortress, so very cool.  It was about 20 mins out side the city and it was an amazing place, I cant wait till we have a event there!





Checking in and Checking out

Hey everyone,

Its been way to long since I posted and this has been due to work.  I have been in China now for 3 weeks with limited access to the internet and than I was just crazy busy before that .  So that is why! Dont ask again.

Tonight is the first melee training session with the local group.  I am pumped it should be fun our big melee event is in a few months and I hope to at the very least have some basics covered by than and have us ready to kick some butt.

Saturdays has been fighter practice, and that has been going well.  We are starting to get some traveling walk ins and I hope to start getting more.  Also, on this note I am headed to Germany with a few guys to go to a regional practice there and than we are going to plan on having one in a town called Malmo just 2hrs south of Göteborg.

Thats the Plan.



Culture of Arms

From the eulogy of Sir William (the) Marshal:

    What is it, then, to bear arms?
    Does one employ them as one might
    a harrow, a winnowing-fan, an axe?
    No, it is a far more arduous labor.
    What then is chivalry?
    So strong a thing, and of such hardihood,
    and so costly in the learning,
    that a wicked man or low dare not undertake it…
    Whoso would enjoy high honour
    first must suitably display
    that he has been well schooled to such arts.

Thanks to Donal Mac Ruiseart




    I asked Mistress Marcela (http://www.cottesimple.com/ ) to make me a Surcotte, and I have to say it rocks hard!  I think it gave an extra dimension to the kit I am wearing now and I feel like I am coming closer to a finished kit.  I hope to get a few pics when I am in motion

    and show how great it moves.  It is a nice high weight material (but not so high it is hot) and moves great!  It just feel like it should be warn with this kit.  When I hope to get the pics should be at Double Wars here is Sweden and I will have the whole rig out, Maille and Sugar Loaf.

    Gotvik Practice is going well, I started a hour earlier this week so I had time with the new people to start them working on a few things and to give myself some time to fight as well.  I feel this is going to be a good format for the future as long as people keep showing up.


    Finally, I got new bracers but I will show them in a later post so stay tuned.





    A few thoughts on Sweden (SCA)

    Update about fighting in Sweden, it is going well. Only one practice so far and that is a bum out. I guess I just need to get use to the winters here being the super slow time, and the holidays all fell on Saturday or Friday this year so that hurt a bit in the terms of helm time.


    In general, my foot work needs work I am messing it up again. I am still working on that small step to ribs or back of helm but I just cant seem to get it right. But soon I will have it all worked out. Sword hand is slow as shit, don’t know why but it is. I think that without doing my slow work every night for the past 2 months my hand is getting slower. {Side note: I found that the slower I train my hand the fast it is when I throw a shot.} I have been fighting in my conical and maille drape, good times. I need to fight more in my close face helm if I am going to use it in melee but that is for the spring anyway.


    The space in Gotvik is rocken! They have a “locker room”, storage area, work space, and a craft room with kitchen! Also for the time being they have an outside space, which if there is light out is a great place for a 5 to 8 person practice. The people are wonderful, and amazingly giving. I don’t know how else to explain them! It is true that the SCA a group full of warm and giving people and I am happy to be part of something like that.

    You have been updated!


    Some Video

    I don’t normally post videos of me fighting but it was my last night at my local practice and I wanted to share them. Also, in the next few days I will post about my time here in sweden so far and what I am doing with my training and looking in to some chivalric theory.



    In Sweden

    So I thought I would just put a quick note out there!, I am IN SWEDEN! I have my flat and I working on getting my freight and start my unpacking!

    I am looking forward to my first fight practice over here, I just cant wait!